5 Jul 2010

Summer trend: florals

Sasha Pieterse is floral fabulous

I came across pictures of Pretty Little Liars star, Sasha Pieterse, wearing this dress at the Miss Behave launch party in LA. She looked absolutely stunning and so it inspired me to do a post on a huge summer trend - florals!

These dresses are great to have in your wardrobe because florals will always be in style, especially for the summer. There are so many different lengths, colours, shapes and designs to choose from which means there is something for everyone. Here are some that I found and really liked (with links and prices below):

1. Miss Selfridge £39 click 2. Miss Selfridge £39 click 3. Miss Selfridge £35 click 4. New Look £22 click 5. Topshop £30 click 6. Urban Outfitters $68 click 7. Urban Outfitters $68 click 8. Forever 21 $15.80 click 9. Forever 21 $24.80 click 10. Forever 21 $22.80 click 11. Forever 21 $22.80 click 12. Forever 21 $19.80 click

Pretty much any clothing store will have a selection of floral dresses, so go shopping to find your perfect one! (All stores mentioned have international shipping so make sure to check the site's information to see if your country is included.)

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Leonie said...

I personally LOVE florals, they're just so cute and feminine!