About the Site

WHAT SHE WORE is a blog which helps you to find out all there is to know celebrity fashion and style.

This website is here to give you the latest on what celebrities are wearing, where they shop, and how to get looks for less. From young Hollywood's newest starts to elite fashion designers to international singers, we feature all of the stars whose wardrobes you dream of having.

The site features red carpet styles, TV and movie fashions, where to buy exact items, and the latest designers and style trends that dominate the celebrity fashion scene.

Examples of celebrities/tv shows that have been featured on the site so far include Gossip Girl, Nina Dobrev, Ashley Tisdale, the Kardashians, Natalie Portman, Selena Gomez, Sarah Jessica Parker and Miley Cyrus. There have also been posts on designers such as American Apparel, Coach, Urban Outfitters, Sergio Rossi, Miss Selfridge, YSL, Foley + Corinna and tonnes more!

Please bare in mind that this site is in no way trying to promote any celebrity or say that celebrities are the only inspiration for fashion. Fashion is all about wearing what you like, and what you want to wear. I only created this site because I found myself saying on many occasion things like: "I love those Selena Gomez is wearing! I wonder where she bought them? I want some just like it". I just thought that if this happens to me, there must be other people out there wondering where celebrities buy their clothes, how to get alternatives or how to create a style sported by an actor on their favourite TV show. This website is here to help you with that, and I hope you like it!

Thank you for visiting and keep checking back!