26 Jun 2010

Selena Gomez, El Hormiguero

Maggie Strapless Sequin Dress with Draped Skirt in Stone

This stunning dress was worn by Selena Gomez while she was on her European promotional tour this year. Here she was in Spain visiting the TV show El Hormiguero. The dress is by Alice + Olivia.

Official Site Alice + Olivia

Buy the Dress Singer22.com

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Wardrobe Wars said...

This dress is beautiful - I always love Alice and Olivia! I just found your blog on fashionsblogs.com. It is a good idea to identify what celebrities are wearing - when magazines do it I absolutely love it. I have one suggestion though that I think would really make your blog more relevant - when you give a link to where you can buy it I think it would be great if you also gave a link to a high street version of the same item, you know a similar dress but more affordable. While I love that Alice and Olivia dress I'm never going to actually go out and buy it, whereas I would by something similar at a lower price if I knew where to look.
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