30 Jul 2010

Demi Lovato's Teen Vogue outfit

Fabulous photoshoot: get the complete look!

Did you enjoy our previous post on Demi Lovato's Teen Vogue sweater? If so you're bound to love this! Keep reading for more details on Demi's complete outfit from the picture above, taken from her photoshoot with the magazine.

This outfit is definitely for the denim lovers. Not many people like to double up the denim, but Demi wears it excellently, and in my opinion, anyone can pull this look off. She's wearing a DKNY classic denim jacket, a very bold and authoritative piece and a pair of Michael Kors denim shorts. This combination would look great with any kind of summer top or shirt that suits your style, but Demi (for the purpose of the photoshoot, no doubt) wore a plaid corset by Guess - not everybody's thing, but cute nonetheless!

Click here to buy the denim jacket by DKNY, click here for the shorts and to buy the corset, click here.

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