9 Apr 2010

Taylor Lautner at the Kids' Choice Awards

Taylor Lautner's slick style

Welcome to a What She Wore first - a post dedicated to a guy! Taylor Lautner was definitely worthy of this honour. I mean, just look at him! Taylor Lautner is my favourite actor right now (I don't need to tell you again about my Twilight Saga enthusiasm, and yes, I am 100% Team Jacob). I just had to give him a post because I thought he really rocked it on the orange carpet at the Kids' Choice Awards.

Being a female, I don't know the ins and outs of male fashion and style, but I still say that Taylor Lautner looked great in his J Brand jeans. He is wearing a pair of slim straight "Kane in Colt" jeans.

To buy the jeans (for all the male readers or females who want to treat someone), click here. The link will lead you to the official site of J Brand jeans.

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