28 Feb 2010


Hey everyone.

Wow I apologise for not having updated the site in almost a year. That is far too long and I've noticed that the site still gets many visitors and followers. I would like to say thank you very much for still loving the site and I hope I can make it up by being back in full swing!

I plan to keep making posts on where you can buy what celebrities are wearing, whether it be tops, dresses, shoes, handbags, accessories - whatever! That is how the site started and I still think it is a very good concept so I will definitely keep that going.

However, I think that to only post that would be quite limiting, so I have decided I will use this blog as a fashion blog in general! The blog will keep its focus on celebrity style and how it can be achieved. This could be through buying the exact items a celebrity has worn, or through using celebrity style as inspiration to find your own amazing fashion finds.

Please bear in mind that the site is in no way telling you that you should dress like celebrities, or forcing you to copy what famous people are wearing. However, there are many times when I see a famous person and think "WOW I love what they are wearing!" and so I want to find something similar because I think it would also look great on me! So that being said I hope you continue to visit and love the site!

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Once again, thank you very much for still following the site and look forward to many exciting things to come! Oh and, tell your friends and family!

- Fashion Finder

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